Ultrasound Imaging or frequently called Sonography is used to detect the problems in internal parts of the body. This method uses ultrasound waves to produce pictures of interiors of the body. The primary benefit of ultrasound is the doctor can see the real-time movement and structure of the body’s organ with the flow of blood through vessels which can be easily captured in a report. Ultrasound is primarily done for Kidneys, uterus, ovaries.


How to prepare?

Coming for an ultrasound, follow the instructions given at the time of appointment. Ask your queries an come prepared for the test.  If the doctor has advised, you an ultrasound for pelvic renal or first-trimester obstetrical ultrasound then the patient should gulp down 32 ounces lot of water to full bladder. For abdominal and gallbladder ultrasound, you don’t need to drink after midnight before your exam.


What all types of Ultrasound we offer:
General Ultrasound
  • Abdomen (Pancreas/Spleen/Gall Bladder/Liver)
  • Pelvic / Trans Vaginal Pelvic ultrasound
  • Thyroid
  • Testicular/ Scrotal ultrasound
  • Kidney/Bladder Ultrasound
  • Pregnancy Ultrasound
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • Aorta/IVC Duplex Doppler
  • Arterial Duplex Doppler (Upper Extremities/ Lower Extremities)
  • Abdominal Duplex Doppler (Renal Artery /Mesenteric/Celiac Arteries)
  • Arterial Segmental Pressures/ Ankle Brachial Indices
  • Carotid Duplex Doppler
  • Venous Duplex Doppler (Upper/ Lower Extremities)
  • Cardiac Ultrasound
  • Adult 2-D Trans-Thoracic Echocardiogram